Weaving room

Weaving, which is a man’s job on the island, is another equally important artisanal activity that succeeds to the pottery room. Weaving has made Djerba’s fame through the production of wool-based objects of daily and other more sumptuous silk-based ones. These tissues embellish houses and come into play during of the making of costumes including feminine ones with their drapes like the beskri which is worn on important occasions.
The wealth of both feminine and masculine traditional Djerbian costumes is presented through the exposition of dummies wearing daily and ceremonial clothes of the different regions of the island.
A model of the traditional horizontal Djerbian weaving job with a nomenclature of its different elements is exposed in addition to the typical weaving workshop with its inclined small vaults, which are unique in the world, in order to give a global and rather complete idea about this craft.
A corner of the weaving room is dedicated to the wood crafts. It is represented in this museum through worked accessories painted with traditional motifs such as arm-holding shelves, mirrors, and beautiful chests that are essential to furnishing. These are made for every new bride and used as wardrobes and safes.

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